OMERO is coming

Guillaume Maucort, FBI

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OMERO is a microscopy image management platform. It helps you organize, access and archive your data.


Microscopy data are big and complex

  • Long experiments
  • Data intensive microscopes (e.g. light sheet)
  • Complicated data (super-resolution, spatial transcriptomics …)

We need to organize both data and metadata

What’s in it for you as a researcher?

Access your data from anywhere

  • Browse and build figures directly from the web
  • Connect to OMERO through your prefered tools (ImageJ, Napari, QPath, etc.)

Keep your data findable and usable

  • Keep track of all important metadata
  • Organize with tags and annotations
  • Find your data even once your student is gone
  • Easily share with data analysts

Keeping your data safe

Your microscopy data will be stored

  • in the datacenter
  • with on-site and off-site backups
  • by data management professionals

Your data become FAIR

  • Findable : through filenames, annotations, tags
  • Accessible : publish & share from the web client
  • Interoperable : download in a standard format
  • Re-usable : tracked metadata


The new data life cycle

  1. Acquire → 2. Import → 3. Analyze → 4. Publish → 5. Archive